WIDE Annual Conference 2010 – Presentations

WIDE Annual Conference 2010, entitled “Migration in the Context of Globalisation: Women’s Human Rights at Risk?” was held in Bucharest, Romania, 3-5 June, 2010.

Here you can download some of the presentations of the panel discussions.

Uncovering Gender through Chains and Mobilities, Natalia Ribas Mateos
Human Trafficking and Migrant Women’s Rights , Lilya Khamzayeva
Female Domestic Labour in Europe ,  Andrea Spehar
Women, Migration and Development: A View, Filomenita Hoegsholm
European Policy and the Rights of Women Migrant Workers, Fe Jusay
Migration and Violence against Women, Pragna Pratel
Working with and for Roma People, Claudia Banica
Strategies to Protect Women Victims of Trafficking, Adila Mammadova
Case Study of the Feminist Centre MAiz, Austria, Luzenir Caizeta
Development of Alternatives: Kurdish Women in Europe, Dilber Aydin
Migrants’ Rights and the National Assembly of Ecuador, Dora Aguirre
Exposing, Resisting and Developing Alternatives: a Roadmap of Action, Christa Wichterich


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