WIDE Annual Conference 2011

What is now known as the ‘Arab spring’ has had a dramatic ripple effect all over the region, still in upheaval to different extents. Although women were prominent actors of those upheavals, issues of non-discrimination, equality and women’s rights face difficulties to be included in the frameworks of ongoing and/or upcoming constitutional reform processes. Moreover, in many countries retaliation against women has been brutal, ranging from rapes to virginity tests to imprisonment and torture.

The international community is playing a significant role both in terms of diplomacy as well as direct support and selective media coverage. “The Arab spring” has created new international interests as well as new funding pots. What are the implications for the peoples of these countries and for women’s rights in particular?

To discuss these issues with other women leaders from the region as well as with women activists from the European Union, the WIDE Network, in close partnership with the Collective for Research and Training for Development – Action (CRTD-A), is delighted to invite you to its Annual Conference “Women’s Rights and Gender Equality amidst the ‘Arab Springs’” to be held on 27-28 October 2011, in Brussels, Belgium.

Download the invitation.

Download the draft agenda and concept note.



  1. rym said

    What about the Tunisian Women??!!! I see that There’s no Tunisian speaker during all the conference…

  2. WE CARE!!! said

    Dear Rym Said,

    There is a Tunisian speaker on the first day of the conference.

  3. Selma Scheewe said

    This looks very interesting! Only I cannot download the invitation, on both links there seems to be the agenda and concept note? What is the conference fee?
    Thank you!

  4. WE CARE!!! said

    Dear Selma,

    Thanks for notifying. You should be able to download the invitation now!


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