Feminist Dialogue in New York

The Feminist Task Force of the GCAP organised a day of feminist dialogue parallel to the MDG Summit. The panel discussion addressed how women are facing financial and economic crises globally.

Listen to Kinda Mohamadieh from the Arab NGO Network for Development – ANND.

Listen to Luisa Cruz Hefti (FTF-GCAP), who presented the perspective from Europe.

Perspective from Latin America was presented by Ana Agostino. Listen to Ana Agostino’s presentation here.

Perspective from the United States, where the crises was originated from, was unfolded by Diana Salas, from Women of Color Policy Network – NYU. Download Diana’s speech from here.

Rehana Khilji from HOPE Pakistan talked about the impacts of crises and climate change on the rural women in Pakistan and more generally in Asia. Download Rehana’s presentation from here.

The main claim of Josephine Kamel from African Women’s Economic Policy Network (AWEPON) was to have women “on the table, near the table, under the table and around the table of decision-making”.

Josephine’s presentation available here.

The last in the panel was Natalie Raaber from AWID, who gave the global perspective analysed the previous contributions from the global women’s rights agenda.

Listen to Natalie here.


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