Welcome to the third day of WIDE Conference 2010!

We are at Rin Grand Hotel for the third day of the Conference and we started with Panel 3: Walking the Talk: Putting alternatives into Practice and policy. We are debating on racism and immigration matters from a gender point of view.  The case studies are on migrant women in the UK and in Central Asia and on roma moving women who face a lot of insecurities, starting from basic human and freedoms reaching to violence and abuses, as they are often domestic and sexual slaves. Racism and immigration produce and control gender inequality as institutionalized racism policies manifest in the migration process. Therefore the challenges are institutionalizing migrant women’s rights in order that that they get social and civil protection and that their rights are; protecting the interests of migrant women in the receiving countries; legalizing and transposing them into policies.

The speakers are Banica Cerasela, from the Advocacy and Human Right Centre, Romania, on the situtation of Roma women linked to migration, Elba Ulcuango from Luna Creciente, Equador, Patel Pragna from Southall Black Sisters, on their successful struggle to protect migrant woman from VAW through policies in the UK, Adila Mammadova Aydin, lawyer for the Migration Centre, Azerbaijan, on strategies to protect women that are victim of trafficking.

Monica Sonia, participant at the Panel 3, in the third day of the Conference


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