A beautiful African Woman at WIDE Conference 2010

I was sitting in the WIDE Conference room, during the second Panel, “Policies and their impacts”, surrounded by very interesting people, from all the corners of the world. “How beautiful and inspiring multiculturalism is”, I said to myself.  Out of nowhere, an African woman appeared sitting in front of me. I couldn’t stop admire her particularities, the lines of her face, the way she was dressed in that African style, wearing a blue flowered dress and a scarf on her head. I couldn’t retain myself from sketching her.

“This is another meaning of this Conference”, I thought.  Meeting this African woman, made me feel that collaboration and dialogue between cultures is very important now-days, and we should do all our best to transmit this message to all the people.

Technique of the drawing:  pen drawing on the notebook; intervention in Photoshop.

Iulia Sima, participant at the Panel 2, in the second day of the Conference 


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