“We need to think big. Let’s be more ambitious!”

Working Group 3 was facilitated by Kinga Lohmann, executive director of KARAT, and debated mainly on what should the women’s movement do in order to improve the situation of migrant women, both internal and international. On the one hand,  migrant women are not a homogenous group, they have  different life backgrounds, traditions and education, on the other hand an international legistalation for migration would be very useful. Migrant women are transnational, but the legislation changes from country to country. This leeds to confusion and often migrants don’t know their rights. An international legislation would also prevent from conservative or abusive measures that national governments could apply against migrant women. The fact is that migration is used negatively during the political campaigns, therefore citizens are not aware about the positive issues, like the contribution of  migrants to the economy. The image of migrants  is shaped by the media and they rather present migrant women as victims, in stereotypical situations. As Patricia Munoz Cabrera, WIDE Chair, said “We need to think big. Let’s be more ambitious, women’s movement should push those guys to have an international legislation, because we are transnational, but laws are not”.

Nicoleta Apostol, participant at the Working Group 3, in the first day of the Conference


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