MBELLA NZUZI on migration concepts

Mbela Nzuzi, refugee woman from the Democratic Republic of Congo leads the refugee Women’s Organisation in Romania, a refugee NGO founded by a group of refugee women under the aim of ensuring a smooth integration of refugees and migrants through capacity building and competence development related activities. 

Mrs. Mbela Nzuzi is also a journalist. She presents a TV show on political, social and lifestyle debate. She is one of the succes stories among refugees’ and migrants communities settled in Romania and the living proof of the fact that empowerment is the key for a successful integration in the society. 

She introduced the concept of post migration and made a difference between integration and acceptance. Then she analyzed Romania as a destination country and debated on several reasons why most women choose to leave their home countries. For women in Africa, the main reason is persecution. Although the phenomenon of women emancipation is developing more and more as they have access to decision factors, there are still many traditional societies which oppress women and push them to migrate. The challenge for any destination country is the preparation to receive the migrants. Mbella said that Romania is a success story in this case, due to liberty, to best practices and to a multidisciplinary approach to integrate migrants. She also compared Romania as destination country with France, Italy and UK, which are more developed countries and apparently have more chances of integration. Still many migrants choose Romania, where in the latest years leaders tried continuously to improve best practices, policies and legislation for immigrants.

Monica Sonia, participant at the Plenary introduction and discussion, in the first day of the Conference


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  1. Mariana Busila said

    I should like to invite a person from Ghana only for visiting Romania because I am going to develope some business with this country or with the other countries from Africa, but my intebtion is almost impossible to fulfill due to wrong opinion about immigration In that moment I do know where I must go for getting the approuval

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