Masculinities and care

The things have changed so much over these ultimate decades! Look at the “new father”. We can see them at every moment: fathers doing shopping, fathers changing nippers, fathers giving tenderness, in brief emotionally attentive and nurturing. It’s so wonderful! We are entering a new age for both women and men: dialogue, respect, responsibility and autonomy will make it easier for everybody. It isn’t any more a question of equality, but …

In order to deconstruct this kind of optimistic fatherhood representation we need a theoretical frame that helps us to understand what it is really going on.  Why the relations between men and women are still so unequal, especially at home in the care work. Further we have to be aware that the theoretical debates have strong links with social life. Just take a look at the masculiniste movements (conservatives and anti feminists) which are very present in the institutional and media arena. That’s why there is a real emergency to address the debate from a male pro feminist point of view. What kind of measures can we promote to transform the optimistic fatherhood representation into reality, how to involve men in this issue and how to make it without reproducing gender inequalities? We have to discuss it right now…joint us at the workshop!

Patrick Govers and Marcela de la Pena

Workshop on Friday 19th

2 p.m. – 3.30 p.m.

Se-Room 212


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